Scorpion Helmet Reviews Scorpion exo-at950, exo-r420, scorpion exo-c110 *2021

Scorpion Exo-at950 helmet is one of the most comfortable full-body protective Scorpion helmets that you can buy. Scorpion Exo-R is a fully ventilated and padded shell that not only protects you from the elements but lets you hear everything that comes around you. Here we want to look at the construction of the ScorpionExo-R, and what makes it a unique and good value for money.

The first question to answer when looking at any motorcycle gear is what are the protective factors? For the most part, a good helmet is going to have a snug fit, maximum coverage at all times, and good ventilation. One of the features of the new scorpion helmets is that they are very ventilated, giving you lots of airflow through the vents at the back of the head. This has been tested and found to reduce fogging considerably.

Scorpion-Exo-at950-helmet-700x225 Scorpion Helmet Reviews Scorpion exo-at950, exo-r420, scorpion exo-c110 *2021 Helmet

The exo-700 has a very well ventilated liner which opens up when raised, whilst still providing good insulation. In cold weather, there is still plenty of airflows. You can also adjust the vents opening and the Scorpion Exo-R Helmet has an ergonomic ventilation system built into the chin strap. This gives you lots of freedom when riding. The chin strap is fully adjustable, so there is no requirement for you to tie it tightly, rather you can fully adjust it in the back of the head.

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The other main feature of the Scorpion Exo-R is that it is extremely lightweight. At only 180g the Scorpion helmet weight is really light, and this is surprising for a full face helmet. This makes it perfect for those who are just beginning to learn how to wear and take care of a full-face helmet. Many people will have difficulty getting used to the way it feels on the head. This is overcome simply by getting used to the weight of the ScorpionExo-R, and how light it is.

Another excellent aspect of this helmet is that it comes with two interchangeable Scorpion Helmet visors. The original black and orange color cover the entire visor, whilst the new “web set” style covers just the chin vent. So now you can customize your helmet according to your personal preference. The two interchangeable chin vents allow the rider to be able to alter the airflow around the eyes, making it more comfortable and secure.

One of the most requested features on all Scorpion helmets are the removable visors. The ScorpionExo-R comes with two interchangeable sun visors which are detachable. These are very popular with riders since they add an extra bit of protection. Although these visors are detachable, some people are worried that they can fall off. To solve this problem the developers of the Scorpion helmets have made the visors extremely sturdy and are completely waterproof. The result is that no matter how much use you put the helmets on, these sun visors will always stay securely in place.

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