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Motorcycle shocks can be made to a motorcycle to improve its handling, performance and adjustability. There are many kinds of motorcycle shocks for heavy rider available for sale, and it can sometimes be confusing as to which one is best for you. People modify their Best motorcycle shocks for various reasons: to gain more adjustability and better performance, to have customized suspension for the rider’s body and riding style, for improved suspension shock absorption, or to replace worn-out or broken parts with new ones. There are several things to consider when modifying your motorcycle shocks. This article will help you understand the various types of motorcycle shocks available for sale, their function, and how to use them in your motorcycle.

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Motorcycle shocks the most important function is to adjust the spring rate and damping of the rear suspension. They do this by adjusting the amount of pressure or force put on each spring located in the suspension system. Higher spring rates will provide more rebound or force, and lower spring rates will reduce this force. A higher pre-load will lower the motorcycle’s centre of gravity, reducing the amount of weight placed under the entire suspension system. A lower pre-load will allow the suspension to move more freely, improving the handling and suspension performance.

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There are two types of motorcycle shocks available: conventional and progressive suspension. The progressive suspension is the most popular style of shock and is used in most motorcycles. It uses hydraulic cylinders to provide the shock. The cylinder fills with pressurized gas as the spring moves forward and the motorcycle shocks compress and pressurize the gas to provide a smooth, reliable ride. As the tires absorb the shock, they become less sensitive to bumps in the road, reducing the chance of skidding.


Motorcycle Shocks for many motorcycle riders prefer to use stock shocks on their bikes. However, there are several benefits to upgrading to aftermarket shocks. They may cost more upfront, but they can improve the bike’s performance and comfort. Aftermarket shocks can also be customized to best suit your riding style. For example, by installing a softer spring in your rear suspension, you can make your bike more sensitive to irregularities in the road.


Another common upgrade for motorcycle shocks is to upgrade from stock air suspension to aftermarket sports or performance air suspension. The air suspension will allow you to have better suspension settings through the use of airbags. Sportbikes, like those found on Street and Sportbike magazines, typically have high-performance air suspensions. This allows you to enjoy the benefits of having larger airbags, allowing you to have better control in wet and dry conditions, and improving your bike’s handling.


If your goal is to have a more aggressive ride, you can opt for harder and heavier spring-loaded air suspensions. These will give your bike more kick. The secret to keeping your tires on the ground during your rides is to have the proper amount of pressure in the tires. To learn more about upgrading motorcycle shocks, invest in an informative motorcycle gear and parts guide.

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