Klims Vanguards GTX Glove Review, Gift Every Month *2021

Klims Vanguards GTX Glove, a KIMS division, has introduced the newest layer to their already outstanding lineup of high-performance riding gear – the Klim Vanguard GTX. Specifically engineered for the demanding touring rider who requires the ultimate versatility in their GORE-tex riding gloves. Ideal for commuting and touring in warm to dry climates, the Klim Vanguard GTX will do exactly what you want it to do. And, as with all Klims products, it’s made to last. This year, Klims has increased its manufacturing capacity by 150% and offers more pairs direct from the factory with free shipment. It’s easy to see why the Vanguard GTX is so popular with the biking community with such outstanding performance and value.

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Like the regular GORE-tex gloves, the Klims are fully lined with Kevlar fiber, making them highly breathable. This helps make perspiration less noticeable and keeps your hands dry and cool while you’re riding. Also, because these Klims Vanguards GTX gloves have no knuckle pads, you’ll have nothing on your face – which is nice since the Klims knuckle pads can sometimes be a bother depending on how much you ride.

The Klims have several benefits over other competing brands, including the use of a removable liner sock. The liner sock aids in removing sweat and odor and provides a place for any removable equipment, like toe clips or cell phone straps. The Klims liner sock is also useful if you get hung up on something since they fit snugly into the Klims Vanguards GTX glove shell. These Klims Vanguards GTX gloves have an easily adjustable pull cord at the end of the liner sock, which allows you to loosen the grip and pull the cord all the way out without unzipping the entire piece of leather. Klims Vanguards GTX has also improved upon the removable liner sock in that the new models have a zipper built right into the handpiece, so you can easily take them off if you need to.

A new feature in the Klims Vanguard GTX gloves that set them apart from the competition is the handpiece called the Kwik-access dual adjustment entry. The Kwik-access dual adjustment entry allows you to change the grip size with ease, allowing you to increase or decrease your grip’s sensitivity without loosening the remainder of the Klims Vanguards GTX glove. Dual-adjustment grips allow you to fine-tune the sensitivity of your grip. Unlike other brands of motorcycle leather Klims Vanguards GTX gloves, the dual-adjustment access allows you to keep your grip size as steady as possible, ensuring that you always have the best possible grip.

Finally, on the inside of the Klims Vanguards GTX gloves, there’s a thick, cushioned, knit textile liner that helps provide additional padding. The Kwik-access dual adjustment entry and high-gore-tex lining help make this liner extremely comfortable. One thing that really helped me was that the knitted textile liner included with Klims was machine washable, making it easy to maintain. Another great aspect of this liner is that it helps to wick moisture away from the skin, helping to reduce the amount of sweating you experience when riding in cold weather. Overall, these Klims Vanguards GTX gloves are just about perfect for winter riding and definitely live up to their name.

At the end of the day, Klims are still a standout brand. While they do cost a little bit more than some other brands, the performance is still top-notch. I can see many people considering purchasing a pair of Klims. If you’re looking for a waterproof, breathable, finger-less fit with a reusable sleeve, then I would suggest checking out the Klims Vanguard GTX gloves. Although you’re looking for a traditional leather glove, I’d suggest checking out the Goat Leather Gloves.

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