Harley Davidson Iron 1200 Review , 2020 Harley Davidson Iron 1200

Harley Davidson Iron 1200 is a big change from the company’s last high-performance model. It promises to be even better and may well be the bike that Harley-Davidson Motorcycle has been waiting for. But what kind of bike is it? Is it just an expensive sports bike, or can it be compared to a touring bike as well?

Harley-Davidson Motorcycle claims to have designed the new Iron to be the most advanced sportbike available anywhere. And it’s hard to argue that their claims could be any more accurate. Harleys are famous for their powerful, long wheelbase, but the new models are all but identical in size and stature, which helps Harley-Davidson claim that this bike is ideal for sport riders and touring bikes alike. The bikes use a line of the latest technology, including V-Twin engines, triple chains, and dual-adjustable forks to give the rider everything from soft riding to rough roads.

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I’ve seen several different Harley Davidson bikes in person, and the motorcycles are impressive in both ride quality and look. When I sat down with Harley-Davidson representatives to test the bikes, the first thing I noticed was how well each bike was handled. Riding the bike made me realize how well-tuned the brand is at making bikes that provide exceptional performance. It seems as if each machine on the road is carefully tweaked and tested before it is released for public consumption.

Harley-Davidson-iron-1200-700x242 Harley Davidson Iron 1200 Review , 2020 Harley Davidson Iron 1200 Motorcycle

I wasn’t able to test out every model on the market, but I could ride the standard bike, which is the one that most customers get their hands on. I found that it had a nice plush feel when riding and felt solid underneath my weight, making it more comfortable. The bike’s engine puts out a strong and smooth tone, and the new twin-smokes muffler did an excellent job of keeping noise levels quiet while I was pedaling along. There are plenty of great features on the Harley Davidson Iron 1200 that have added to its appeal, like the ergonomically-designed seats, the V-Twin engine, and the dual-throttle system.

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The new frame on the Iron 1200 has a traditional flat-style look, and the hardware used on the handlebars is clean and modern. The bike also comes with a Harley-Davidson helmet, and the frame can be switched out for a more customized look if people so choose. You can even add a Harley-Davidson graphic or logo on the tank, which is a trendy upgrade. Although it might not seem like much, the Harley Davidson Iron 1200 is actually very maneuverable, and I loved being able to coast a bit easier when I was out on the road.

Riding the Harley Davidson Iron 1200 is a blast. It rides well and feels light on your feet. My only real complaint was the lack of a windshield. If you’re looking for a cool, retro-style bike, I would definitely recommend the Harley Davidson Iron 1200. If you need a bike that you can take everywhere, with tons of room and a lot of personalities, then the Harley Davidson Iron 1200 is perfect for you!

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