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Corinthian helmet originated during ancient Greece and taken its title from the town-state of Corinthia. It used to be a simple italo-corinthian helmet mainly made of bronze that in later times covered only the head and neck, possibly with slits for mouth and eyes. There is little historical evidence as to what kind of helmets this helmet was used for, exactly. However, many people believe that it was a type of face mask used by soldiers in ancient times. Another reason some believe it to be a corinthian helmet with plume is its rather unique appearance. It usually has a big curved projection on top and may have either a pointed or smooth edge.

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Corinthian helmet was primarily used by the members of the legion as they used to carry small helmets which they used for different occasions. These were also worn by gladiators, for they needed something light and protective on their heads. However, it wasn’t till the 4th Century AD that the Greek soldiers began to use and develop this style of helmet.

Corinthian_helmet-700x313 Corinthian Helmet Reviews , Italo-Corinthian Helmet For Sale *2021 New Helmet

Its most famous use being that of the Corinthian helmet legionnaires. These gladiators fought against the Romans in the 1st Century AD. They used this helmet as an additional weapon on their battle helmets so as to not hinder their movement and instead used it as an enhancement to their already outstanding skills of battlefield tactics. However, the Corinthian helmets are also known to be quite uncomfortable due to the heavy weight of the metal. Moreover, since the ancient period, the Corinthian helmets were also adopted and used by several other groups of warriors including the Chinese, Egyptians, Babylonians and Medes.

It is also interesting to note that this Corinthian helmet was adopted as a mandatory attire for the Greek god of war, Bacchus. The reason for this is that when he wanted to fight in the war, he had to wear these helmets. This is because the Pliny the Elder observed that the soldiers who wore the helmets won more compared to those who wore regular helmets. Additionally, it was also believed by the Romans that wearing these helmets would make them look powerful and intimidate the other side, thus allowing them to defeat their foes.

Corinthian helmet is made out of ceramic. This ceramic was then combined with various other materials. Many of the materials used were either copper or bronze. In addition to that, these helmets have a flat or pointed brow plate that was later made with either metal or plastic. The pointed brow plate served the purpose of preventing any unwanted, flying objects from falling into the face area.

İtalo-corinthian helmet was also decorated with stylized Greek letters. This was done so as to identify each individual soldier and to allow the latter to easily identify his comrades when they were in a battle. There were also Corinthian helmets that had olive leaves stamped onto the front and back. This allowed the olive leaves to be seen even in a battle situation.

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