Botw Motorbike Trailers – Botw Motorcycle Fuel Quality and Price Matching

Botw Motorcycle Trailers is a very successful company based in Vermont that has been manufacturing motorcycle trailers and other products for over forty years. Botw motorcycle offers many great products to suit every kind of budget. If you are looking for a bike carrier or trailer for your motorcycle then both can cater to your needs. You will find that all of their products have excellent quality, a low price tag and that they stand behind their product with a great warranty.

Botw Motorbike Trailers started in 1969 by Bob Botw. At that time, there were not many manufacturers that made motorcycle trailers, so Bob decided to create his own company so other companies would take notice of his unique products. He knew that the more people that saw his uniquely designed motorbike trailers, the more he could sell. The first Botw Motorbike Trailer was a small 15 ft. unit that carried a single motorcycle. After a few more models, it was expanded to carry three motorcycles.

botw-motorcycle-700x206 Botw Motorbike Trailers -  Botw Motorcycle Fuel Quality and Price Matching Motorcycle

Botw Motorbike Trailers has never made another bike carrier until now. They have developed a series of four bike trailers that include the original 12 ft. Botw Motorbike Trailer, an expandable unit that will hold three bikes, and a stationary bike that can be hauled a pickup truck. These trailers are equipped with a hitch and tie-downs so they can be operated as a single unit or can be operated in tandem when two are hooked up together.

The original Botw Motorbike Trailer is very popular and is known for hauling a bike with ease and being very rugged. It is made from heavy-duty galvanized steel tubing and is one of the most well-built motorbike trailers on the market. All of the Botw Motorbike Trailers are constructed with aluminum frames for maximum strength and an aluminum second aluminum outer tube threaded on both sides for easy installation. All of the tubing used in the Botw Motorbike Trailer construction is galvanized, which ensures that it is completely rust-proof.

Botw Motorbike Trailer also manufactures many accessories for its units, including decals, awnings, saddlebags, and toolboxes. There is even a line of personal customization kits available that allow owners to add graphics and paint jobs to their trailers to create a look that their customers prefer. Each of the accessories has been designed for ease of installation and use and comes with a warranty so that if the product is defective, you will be able to receive a replacement.

If you own a motorbike and are looking for a great way to transport your bike, consider a Botw Motorbike Trailer. This company is well worth the money spent because not only will you be saving money on fuel by not having to hire a truck to transport your motorcycle, but you will also be saving money on gas because the trailer is so much easier to drive. It will also reduce the risk of accidents by taking longer to stop as the trailer can pull away from the bike at a more steady pace. When you own a Bixlow Motorbike Trailer, you will have the peace of mind that comes with knowing that your prized possession is safely stored when you need it most.

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